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The HCPL-2630.S is a 2-channel 10Mbps high-speed Logic Gate Output Optocoupler consists of a 850nm AlGaAS LED, optically coupled to a very high-speed integrated photo-detector logic gate with a strobable output. This output features an open collector, thereby permitting wired OR outputs. The coupled parameters are guaranteed over wide temperature range. A maximum input signal of 5mA will provide a minimum output sink current of 13mA (fan out of 8). An internal noise shield provides superior common mode rejection of typically 10kV/µs.

• 480V Double working voltage
• Fan-out of 8 over -40 to +85°C temperature range
• Logic gate output
• Strobable output
• Wired OR-open collector

Оптоэлектроника / Оптопары / Оптопары с логическим выходом
Корпус: 8-SMD, инфо: Опто интерфейс х2 10Mбит/с 2.5 кВ Выход ОК 8 ТТЛ нагрузок без буфера Uпит=5.0В -40:+85С Устойчивость к возд. синф. помех 10 кВ/мкс

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