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The MOC3021SM is a 6-pin DIP Random-phase Optoisolator optically isolated TRIAC driver devices. This device contains a GaAs infrared emitting diode and a light activated silicon bilateral switch, which functions like a TRIAC. It is designed for interfacing between electronic controls and power TRIACs to control resistive and inductive loads for 115VAC operations. It is also suitable for solenoid/valve controls, traffic lights, static AC power switch, vending machines, incandescent lamp dimmers and solid state relay.

• Excellent IFT stability — IR emitting diode has low degradation
• 850V Maximum working insulation voltage
• 6000V Highest allowable over voltage

Оптоэлектроника / Оптопары / Оптопары с симисторным выходом
Корпус: 6-SMD, инфо: Опто симистор x1 4.17kV 400V 0.015A 0.33W -40…+85C

Технические параметры
прочность изоляции
5300 Vrms