PIC16F627A/628A/648A Microcontrollers
The PIC16F range of Microcontrollers from Microchip are 8-bit MCUs that incorporate Microchip's PIC® architecture into a variety of pin and package options, from space efficient 14-pin devices to feature-rich 64-pin devices. Devices with Baseline, Mid-Range or Enhanced Mid-Range architecture are available with numerous different peripheral combinations, giving designers flexibility and choice for their applications.
The PIC16F627A/628A/648A family of Microcontrollers is based upon Microchip's Mid-Range core with an 8 level deep hardware stack and 35 instructions. These MCUs provide up to 5 MIPS, up to 3.5 Kbytes program memory, 224 bytes RAM and Data EEPROM of up to 128 bytes. On board is an oscillator factory calibrated to ±1% accuracy.
PIC16 Microcontrollers Cam & Groove Couplings — Polypropylene

Микросхемы / Микроконтроллеры / Микроконтроллеры Microchip
Корпус: 18-SOIC, инфо: PIC 2048 x 14 — PROM/224-RAM 16I/O 3-Timer + 2-Comparators + Watchdog 10-Bits-PWM USART ICSP

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