The STM3210B-MCKIT motor control starter kit provides a complete development platform with all the hardware and software required to get STM32 based motor control applications started quickly and shortens time to market by allowing developers to apply what they learn in the evaluation phase to real-world applications. The kit comes ready-to-run with a PMSM motor or an AC induction motor (accessory). User can modify the demonstration application and develop their own motor control applications using the dedicated software libraries provided in the starter kit in conjunction with a third-party IDE and C compiler. The Segger J-Link is included in the kit for connection to a host PC via an industry standard 20 pin JTAG connection. When connected to a host PC, the opto-isolation board provides galvanic isolation for the host PC and development tools on the 20 pin industry-standard JTAG connection.

• Operates at 24V DC, PMSM 3-phase brushless motor
• 10A, 3 phase inverter
• Single/three shunt based motor current reading
• Tacho/hall feedback sensors conditioning
• On-board switched-mode power supply and wrapping are
• Opto-isolation board for galvanic isolation on 20 pin JTAG connection
• Segger J-Link USB/JTAG in-circuit debugger/programmer
• STM3210B-EVAL with STM32F103xB pre-programmed with sensor less PMSM motor control application

Средства разработки, конструкторы / Средства отладки для микроконтроллеров / Встраиваемые, оценочные, модули расширен
Инфо: Starter Kit ARM 32-bit Cortex (отладочная плата) для управления моторами

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Datasheet STM3210B-MCKIT